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Today's Weather: Sunny with a good chance of bright kids! Click on me for the latest weather!


Mild mannered kids by day...

But when they hear some great news, out come their pens and notebooks.

Look out! Here come the Superkids!


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Kids In Charge!

Do you smoke?

We hope not! Superkids are on the beat, investigating the harmful effects of smoking. Click on the No Smoking sign to hear our public service announcement.

Watch our public service announcement to find out why you should not smoke.

Believe it or not...Superkids fight against an Alien invasion in:

Aliens from the Rainforest

Click on the alien face if you dare!!

Click only if you dare!

See You Later...Gator

Superkids have been researching alligators. Click on the gator to see the show.

Beware, some images may crack you up!

See you later, alligator! Click me for some great gator facts.

News Flash...

  • Found at University Area Community Center...Dinosaur Bones.
  • Click on the Bone to see a video-clip of our dig.
Click on the bone to see a video clip of our exciting dig!

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